GUY FOX is not your normal cologne company. We're just two California guys who got tired of paying huge mark-ups for cologne simply because it had some Italian dude's name on it. We've spent the last 2 years researching, testing, and developing our first 6 scents.

Our mission is to cut out all the nonsense in the world of cologne by focusing on premium quality, affordability, and convenience.

Liam is from "The Roy," attended Harvard of the North (Sonoma State University), and Wikipedia's everything he eats. He's the CEO which means he pretty much does everything from stressing about production delays to paying off the company credit card (yikes). Currently resides in San Francisco and somehow doesn't miss the sun.

Grant is from the Foothills of Northern California, also attended Harvard of the North, and is an avid sports fan. He's in charge of all things "content" which generally involves staring at blank pages for long periods of time. Currently resides in Santa Monica. Ironically enough, his favorite GUY FOX is the Marra, but the Grant is a close second. 

It's great to meet you, we're Liam and Grant. Let's smell better together.

Grant (left) & Liam (right)