Pronounced (Marr-uh)

No that’s not his first name, but his last. His real name is Nick but everyone is named Nick, and that’s no fun.

What WE say:

Really easy scent to wear and extremely versatile. Light, fairly fruity, and you can wear in any situation. Beach vibe, if you really want to hear that. Grant & Liam's (the Co-Founders) favorite scent! 

What THEY say:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Juniper, Sicilian Mandarin
Mid Notes: Pepper, Brazilian Rosewood, Rosemary
Base Notes: Oakmoss, Musk
Scent Family: Fresh/Citrus
Type: Eau de Parfum (22% concentration)

This cologne will last 4-6+ months based on usage.

Watch the review of the Marra to get an in depth overview!

1.7FL. OZ | 50ML

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Purchased a full bottles as quickly as I could,

I personally purchased 3 of the 6 scents offered, but I couldn’t wait to have this in my collection. It’s SO GOOD. It’s a scent that will leave the room with you. I recently had other students catching the elevator at my uni to ask what I was wearing. I was almost reluctant to tell them because I didn’t want them smelling exactly like me, but I had to share the fragrance love and promote this brand. ALSO worth noting, Grant and Liam’s attention to making sure each customer’s purchase is inspected, packaged well, and providing a friendly experience (hand written notes) is bar none the best I’ve had in regards to making purchases, period. Thanks again, Grant & Liam!

Desmond J.
United States United States


I am an avid collector of fragrances and I have quite a few I enjoy. I have to say, Marra is up there with some of my favorites and will definitely be in heavy rotation!

Charles B.

Happy vibes in a bottle...

I did the free sample set of three and Marra happened to be a love at first sniff. Wore it to work for testing and my co-workers agreed it smelled great. At initial spray I get the unmistakable grapefruit and mandarin notes. Very refreshing. Moments later the hint of rosemary with a slight touch of pepper comes into play. The bergamot & juniper are there but well blended along with the rosewood. The oakmoss and musk are clean and provide the perfect base keeping the fragrance soooo darn fresh till the bitter end. One of the few citrus scents that the citrus stays with you through the life of the fragrance. Co-workers and friends would swear there is a watermelon note but I’m assuming it is the combo of citruses. Longevity was an easy 7-8 hours (esp. on clothes) and sillage was at a nice projection making it perfect for work. This does leave a nice scent trail as you walk around. And when I thought the fragrance had gone away because I could not smell it any longer, I get a random compliment at dinner that evening. That was 10 hours later folks. All in all a scent very well done. Now a different day/different time, off to the beer garden to give it an outdoor wearing. This is all of my own opinion and I love it.

Austin M.
United States United States

Guy Fox ***

Day or night, I'm wearing this everywhere I go. Great product, excellent service, and how can you not get behind the brand??


Good stuff

So I received 3 samples and whatever I had on the last was my favorite. I started with Grant and I was like this is nice, then Jefe and I said that’s my favorite, Marra was the last and thats definitely my favorite. Very easy to wear, I don’t see anyone not liking this. Kinda reminds me of my favorite scent right now, uden overdose, not the same but the same vibes. Also has Armani code feel to it. Lasts forever though. Definitely something that you can blind buy in peace and that price point is excellent

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